My Thoughts On Shampoo For Your Beard

This post is dedicated to all the men out there that are sporting large and well groomed beards. If you’ve managed to grow a beard (since this recent facial hair boom) for fashion reasons rather than just laziness then this should help you out quite a bit.

I recently had the pleasure of testing out a new product for a friend. He is quite a men’s grooming enthusiast himself and decided to go the extra mile and create his own shampoo that can obviously be used on the hair on your head, but most importantly be used on your beard too.

He’d tried many different large brand shampoos on his facial hair before, but nothing really hit the spot and did the job. Eventually he did find a product that worked really well on his beard, but wasn’t actually designed or positioned to be used on beards at all.


This was when he got one of those eureka moments. He thought, why not make my own product but market it towards young, fashionable men that are currently growing out their facial hair. Seemed like a pretty neat idea to me, so I gave him my full encouragement.

The trouble he later found, was that doing this and going through all the steps of creating his own product and trying to sell it online as much more difficult than it sounds. To this day he still hasn’t managed to officially release his item and bring it to market. Sadly it is still in development.

I told him that I would tell all of you guys as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, if you are still looking for an organic shampoo for beards, then this is one that I think is really good and does the trick.

If my mates can be half as good as this one then I think he will be really happy.