We Still Buy Things!

We’ve still got our purchasing hats on here at NPWL. That, I can assure you, will never change. One thing we decided to give a go recently was something the guys out there will be able to appreciate.

As long as you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years, it plain to see that beards are in. And by in I mean in. They are so fashionable, its hard to walk down any straight in any city in the UK without spotting someone sporting a beard or at least very heavy stubble.

What is the reason for this? We do not know the answer. But what we do know is that with this surging trend has come a plethora of products, accessories and kits specifically designed to help the young bearded man control his beard.


One of which is something we want to discuss today. It’s name is a beard grooming kit. When we discovered it, we were holidaying in Spain. My beard was growing bigger and bigger by the day, and I was in need of something that could handle every aspect of it.

We were staying in a hotel for a few days, and I knew that if I were to buy 4 or 5 items online, 1 or 2 of them were bound to arrive late – after we had left the hotel and moved on.

Instead I thought it would be a good idea to buy a kit; something that had everything I needed in one item, therefore minimising the risk of me not receiving something in time. It ended up being good judgement, as it arrived well within time and had everything I needed in it!

You might be wondering how on earth I found this item online, considering I was in Spain and they haven’t become 100% accustomed to the world of eCommerce, unlike the Brits or the Germans. I simply typed in the translation of beard kit, which is kit barba and click on the first option. Lo and behold it was what I was looking for!